Hi there!  My name’s Kristen if we haven’t met. I’m just an ordinary Mom with a day job faking it til I’m making it in this big ol’ world. My compadre in crime is my charming husband who is a doting father to our two kids, Emmalena and Travis Jr.

After a lot of thought and anguish I have decided to create my own personal blog. I’m going to share stories and experiences from my life. I may add some tidbits, fun facts and/or “hacks” if you will, just to shake it up. But I’m not here to blow up your newsfeed. I won’t be sharing meaningless gifs and I can about 60% gauruntee there won’t be any puppy-face selfies. I’m not going to try to sell you something…yet😉.

This blog is mainly here to serve as self expression and a form of therapy for myself and others.  Maybe you’ll relate, and maybe even learn something. Just do me a favor and leave a comment with your thoughts. I’d love to hear from you. ✌️