A Letter to My Future Grown-Up Daughter

First, I want to tell you how incredibly proud I am of you. At 6-years-old, you are wise beyond your years. Although you still have a world of learning to do, you are forever teaching me new things.

While there are days I swear you’ll never learn…and days I pray you grow out of your reckless ways…I believe there’s an old soul in you that will stop you from ever going over the edge.

You are witty and smart. Thoughtful and kind. Rambunctious as hell. You are mine. There’s so much of me in you and so much of you in me. Our alikeness fuels the compassion and patience required to raise the spirit that you are.

If I succeed at my job, you will be a force to be reckoned with. You will have just as much grit as you have grace, and approach every new opportunity as an invitation to your next great adventure. Fear of failure will never stand in your way.

You will move proverbial mountains. Build proverbial bridges. And make many friends along your journey.

As in all great stories you will discover love, and then loss only to know what heartache feels like, and find that the heart does in fact mend itself…in time.

If I succeed at my job, you will know the value of strong relationships. That people come before things and that memories last far longer than instant gratification.

You will treat your body like a temple. You will eat the right foods for energy, read the right books for nourishment.

You will make ample time for fun.

The path is long. There will be rugged terrain to climb and turbulent waters to cross. You have your heart and mind as your compass. Always use both.

As you grow older, the hills will get steeper and path will grow darker. Learn to access the light that is in your soul. Let it guide you throughout your existence. If you are true to yourself you will never go astray.

If I succeed at my job Emmalena, you will know it’s never too late to try something new.  Change is necessary and it’s inevitable. No matter how scary, or challenging or troublesome…you will adapt.

Look no further than those you love for support. For credit is sparse and criticism is plentiful. You will carry on regardless and continue to amaze me just as you’ve done in the 6 short years you’ve been on this earth.

Never give up on yourself – Nurture the ones who truly matter to you – and Always continue to love. Love wholeheartedly and unconditionally. Share your love and your light with as many people as you can. You only get one go at this great big thing. Spend it on experiences and connections that feed your soul.

Most important of all, LOVE YOURSELF. YOU ARE an EXQUISITE being.

Love yourself and the people around you well and you will live a happy, honest, fulfilling life that is extraordinarily yours.

I love you my Emmalena Kathryn Reed.

Forever and For Always,

Your Momma xoxo


These are the lessons your grandmother has taught me.  I hope and strive to be the same strong, encouraging, loving mother and friend that she has been and still is to me.


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