My Top 5 Summer Favorites

Summa, Summa, Summatime.

Time to sit back and unwind.

School is out and it’s a sort of a buzz

But back then I didn’t really know what it was

But now I see what happened is

The way that people respond to summer madness.

Nothing screams “White Gurl” like a middle-aged mom spitting out the lyrics to Will Smith’s Summertime.

I’m trying to keep it light and add a little nerdery to my life.  When usually I’m elated over the season that is summer, my July’s starting out a bit funky.

Nothing serious, a few minor annoyances rather.  I managed to catch a cold that was strong enough to put me out of commission on my 37th birthday. The 4th was fueled by several doses of advil chased with a couple rum and watermelon smoothies.

But by Thursday I was laid up and looking like a head trauma case after receiving my much anticipated skin graft.

While I usually spend this time of year playing at the pool and bodysurfing at the beach, the only wave I’m riding right now is the crimson kind.

So yeah.  I gotta case of the blahs.

But summer’s just begun right?!  In a few weeks my wounds will be healed and I’ll be back out on top. “On top of what?” you may ask.  Who knows. It just sounds good and I’m writing this story anyway so I could be on top of my game or on top of the Ferris wheel at the Virginia State fair for all I care.  The point is, I’m not going to let one not-so-excellent week bring me down.

In honor of  my favorite season of all time I’ve made a listicle of the things that will turn any gal’s bummer summer in to an epic one.

Getting Out and About

Farmer’s markets, gardening, hiking and biking, I looove the sun.  The problem is, the sun doesn’t love me back.  I’ve seen smokers shrug off the idea of quitting by stating “gotta die from something.”  I kinda know where they’re coming from.  I can’t and I won’t stay out of the sun.  I neeed it.  In fact if a summer day goes by and I don’t get the chance to go outside, I literally get depressed.  Call it what you will but getting up, out and moving is part of my well-being and I’m the happiest doing it in the warm summer months.

Day Drinking

All hail summer for giving us an excuse for catching that coveted midday buzz.  Not that I need the calendar to dictate when it’s socially acceptable to crack one open before noon. That said, day drinking has always been one of summer’s favorite pastimes and it certainly is near and dear to my thirsty heart.

And while I prefer to be on a boat or on the beach as I indulge, the only recipe I really need is:  1 part Bob Marley, 1 part comfy chair, and 3 parts frosty beverage and I am good to go.

Concerts, festivals and fairs

If you’re friends with me on Facebook you’d see that I flag myself as interested in any and every event within a 45 mile radius of Fredericksburg.  I can’t help it.  I love a good gathering of people, music, food, drinks, and pop-up tents with manufactured and hand-made trinkets.  Is everything overpriced? Sure.  Can it get a bit crowded?  Totally.  But there’s an undeniable energy about these outdoor events that just makes me happy.  And the thing is – there’s so many!  All summer long, you can find music fests, wine fests, cheese fests, BEER, WINE AND CHEESE fests!

Can I actually attend all these wondrous outdoor extravaganzas?  Hell no but it’s the idea that counts and every once and a while we do show up.

Summer Road Trips

So I already feel most of you cringing at the idea of cramming your kids along with half of your life’s possessions in to a stuffy car and hitting the road for a long haul. I get it. Some people aren’t cut out for life on the road.   I’ll admit, this one is more for the memories but road trips are kinda like ripping off a band aid.  You just gotta do it.  While sore and slightly painful at first, they’re good for you in the end.

Whether it’s an hour south or seven west, I always try to embrace the ride.  With that in mind, I’d be remiss not to go fully equipped with ample snacks, drinks, electronics, crayons, books, and playlists for each of our family member’s moods.  I like to think of it as my grab bag of goodies.  I’m not gonna lie, it sometimes disappoints but I’m much better off with it than without.

“The Shore”

Last but not least on my top 5 list of summer faves is the shore.  And I’m not talking about any old seashore, I’m talking about the Jersey Shore. Contrary to popular belief, “dirty Jerse” has some of the best beaches in the country.  Don’t believe me?  I challenge all my out-of-state friends to take their families up to Long Beach Island, Ocean City, Stone Harbor, Sea Isle, or anywhere in between and you’ll all be singing a different Springstein song.  Or Sinatra song.  Or Halsey because NJ can pump out some talent.

From the beaches to the boards to the fresh seafood, there’s an air to south Jersey…ok I opened the door with that one. Nevertheless, there’s no place like home and that includes all my childhood beaches that I now look forward to taking my children to each and every summer.


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