It’s been one of those days. Correction it’s been one of those two weeks. The kind where I’m drowning in so much business work and housework that the other areas of my life have taken a back seat. And while my husband is fantastic and jumps in to pick up the slack… I don’t want it to be that way. Side note – if you’re a working mom and your husband doesn’t “help” around the house tell him he needs to join the party because this ain’t 1980 honey.

On the bright side it isn’t this way all the time. My stress is only amplified due to the exhausting day I just experienced. Let’s just say my son isn’t a morning person. So when my day begins with the sound of a screaming kid all because I picked out the wrong pair of underpants I’m a little less than thrilled about having to “be awesome” in the office.

women at desk with blank stare

And I’m not talking about a little temper tantrum. I’m talking about my alarm going off at 5:50. My son saying: “I wake up” at 5:51. And by 5:53 we’re in full-blown meltdown mode and I’m not even awake enough to open my dadgum eyes!

It’s weeks like this that always get me wondering: How do Moms with high-powered jobs do it? How do they, day in and day out, sacrifice their family time and all other aspects of their life for their work? Is it even work to them? Or are they just on the brink of a breakdown pretending as if everything is A-OK?

I’m sure it varies based on the mum but I seriously want to know. I ask because I fear that one day I’ll be forced to leave my cushy 9-5 cubicle life and have to work for a more demanding, less forgiving boss. The kind who doesn’t give a shit if I only had 3 hours of sleep and that my child, who’s potty training, just took a dump in the middle of his bedroom floor.

Rachel from Friends crying Why does everything happen to me?

I want to know how the Moms who work for these types of bosses survive. Deep down I think the answer all ties back to Darwin’s theory of natural selection. Only the strongest women will make it in a male dominated labor force. But before all my at-home mom friends begin choking on your bon bons please know that I SEE YOU.

Kristen Wig in Bridesmaids making I'm watching you signal

Whether you’re a work-at-home mom or full-time stay-at-homer, I realize it’s no easy feat. And the reality is we’re living in a country with THE WORST maternity leave in the developed world, unsustainable working environments, falling wages and rising childcare costs.

So even though 80% of employers offer flexible work arrangements, most of them don’t pay enough to offset the expense of daycare.

Now I’m no feminist by any means but with all this info in mind I might subscribe to the idea that we’re at a disadvantage. An unfair one at that for, oh I don’t know, birthing tiny humans in to the world?! I would think that we’d see more companies nurturing their female employees especially since those with women in leadership outperform those that don’t.

But I digress. Boiled down my problem is simple and similar to most other working moms. The struggle…is…real! But that’s not going to change my current situation of juggling work, home, family and everything else in between.

busy mom juggling family friends work and home

For me, time will only do that.

In time businesses and our American culture will adopt a new age approach to work. In time I will know how to balance better and become less stressed as a result. And in time my son and my daughter will be grown and my mornings will no longer be manic. By then I’ll look back on this time as an embellished memory and think, “Those were the weeks.”

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